Orchard Account Set Up

Orchard Fundraising allows organizations to set up an account with basic required information. Upon quick approval an organization is automatically sent credentials to log in and get their fundraising campaign set up.

Organize Fundraising Campaigns and Teams

Fundraising administrators (admins) will select from, and set up specific products available for sale, along with setting the price per unit and minimum order requirements associated with the selected products. The admin as ability to adjust pricing, and view individual fundraiser activity, and track all orders in an easy to use web-based CMS.

Individual fundraisers will receive credentials for logging into their Orchard mobile app. The web-based CMS system allows individual fundraisers to present products, sell product online, and track their individual progress. Each fundraiser will also receive a unique URL to share their Orchard campaign on all social media platforms to expand their fundraising engagement to their respective social media networks.

Once minimum order levels are achieved, both the fundraising organization and Orchard will receive a notification email stating the order is now complete. The product will then be shipped and appropriate funds will be distributed to each organization.

How it Works