About Orchard

Orchard Fundraising “Orchard” is an innovative fundraising platform that is changing the way your organization can raise money.

Orchard’s mobile platform allows fundraising organizations to present, order, and track their fundraising sales and shipments in real-time online. Orchard is built to elevate fundraising activity and results in an easier and engaging manner.

The Orchard platform is built on secure, intuitive, web and mobile app platforms. Our software-as-a-service provides users with an individualized mobile responsive link they can share across social media platforms, which allows users to further their online fundraising reach. Orchard makes fundraising as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Orchard Fundraising was designed by Schermer Pecans to revolutionize the manner and method of fundraising by organizations already selling Schermer Pecans products. Putt Wetherbee, the owner and CEO of Schermer Pecans has been on the forefront of technology for his orchards, processing and distribution processes and has brought his innovative mindset to fundraising. Orchard Fundraising has been developed specifically for use by any organization to fundraise with approved products, which opens up the opportunity to elevate fundraising engagement and results for all types of organizations.

How Orchard Elevates Fundraising

Our easy to use system allows you to add your own productsand set your own pricing margins! We also have fundraising products we can recommend to which have proven successful with our other clients.

Orchard’s Key Innovative Features

Accounting Made Simple.

Once processed, revenue collected is automatically sent to you electronically and the product owners at the same time. No more waiting to collect monies, create reports, and send checks out.

Team Member Gamification!

Each fundraiser for your organization will have their own unique URL allowing them to send via text message, email, or even share on their social media platforms.

Team members have their own log in where they can see where they stand among the other people fundraising for a friendly competition.

How It Works